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10.22.14 - Construction on Campus—Lessons and Milestones Abound

On Wednesday, we marked an important milestone for the Community Center construction.  Called a “Topping Out Ceremony,” we hailed the good news that we have completed and reached the highest point in the building.  In fact, our building is currently ahead of schedule—that’s great news and a testament to the strong work of our Haselden Crew.
If we continue at this pace, we expect that we will be moving into the building in April. Wow!  That will certainly be exciting.  Wait until you see that view from the lunchroom.  We will all want to eat lunch over there every day.
At the same time, we are building our Synthetic Turf Field.  The crew from Academy Sports is equally as stellar and engaged, but installation has hit a snag.  As we have gotten into the project, we have found out the field is filled with very wet soil.  So, we are now in the process of ripping the field, turning the soil and letting the soil dry.  That will, of course, add time, but is manageable. 
And, we have been engaged in discussions with the installer in light of the media reports about turf fields and perceived health concerns with rubber crumb infill.  While there is no scientific evidence that links the infill to health risks, we have asked our installer to research and determine if there is an infill that might be higher quality than what we are planning to install.  So far, the research is showing that we have excellent quality, most current material in our plans. 
Through it all, we have been raising the funds to complete these projects.  It is absolutely an awesome moment to share the plans with parents, friends, alums, and then hear them say, “you bet we will support SMA, what can we do?”  The campaign has engaged our entire community:  the youngest and the oldest; those nearby and those far away; those who are a part of daily life at SMA and those who just want to be sure that SMA has the best resources available to the students.  
If you are one of these many friends, thank you.  The entire community is grateful to you for your support.  If you have not contributed yet and want to, thank you in advance.  I look forward to sharing the plans with you. 
On Wednesday, as we hoisted the beams and the Lower School children shook their pom poms and cheered “SMA, SMA, SMA,” I was reminded how truly outstanding this community is.

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