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09.17.14 - Of Turf, Golf and Scholars

In our Parent Satisfaction Survey last spring, a comment was made that more communication is needed for how things are going at St. Mary’s Academy.  I admit I tend to marvel at how great things are at St. Mary’s Academy and possibly only write about what inspires me here on campus.

But of course, life is filled with challenges and not all days are sunshine and marigolds.  (Recently, in my creative writing class we were doing a synonym exercise and one of the students volunteered “Monday” as a synonym for sad.  The class all nodded in agreement, as did I. I actually then quoted the Carpenters’ lyric Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.  The students, of course, looked at me completely blank faced.  The Carpenters?  Really, Deirdre?)

In the column of good but challenging news is the beginning of the installation of the Turf Field.  The Pam Bent Synthetic Turf Field is made possible by a fundraising effort spear headed by former coach Pam Bent and a number of alumnae athletes.  This is a great and important development for St. Mary’s Academy athletics.  SMA is probably the last school in the area without a turf field.  Our athletes are at a disadvantage on many levels.  And, the environmentally sound aspects of the turf field (less water usage, less mowing) are all positive.  The field will be a fabulous addition.

The challenging news is that we have to live through the installation period.  We will have trucks on campus to remove sod and then to bring in the turf.  This could be a noisy process and at times dusty and dirty!  We anticipate that Academy Sports Turf will begin work on October 1.  The trucks could start coming onto campus starting October 8.   We will keep you informed of any changes in traffic as best as we can.

In the Good News world, we hosted a wonderfully successful Graham Family Golf Tournament on Monday.  Congratulations to the many volunteers who made that day possible.  The weather was great and each golfer donned a SMA 150 sticker!  We looked great out there on the course at Columbine Country Club.  Results are still being calculated, but it looks that we will have raised more than $50,000 to support Performing Arts, Technology and Endowment.  Thank you!

Finally, congratulations to our High School who recently learned that two members of the Class of 2015 were named National Merit Semifinalists.  Additionally, we recently received the ACT report in which we learned, again, that our students consistently score far above the state average and far above the average of high school girls. 

So it might be true that life is not all rainbow and marigolds all the time, but I have to tell you at St. Mary’s Academy... it’s close.

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