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01.21.15 - Lower School Principal Search Update

Thank you to the many parents who have come to meet our first candidates for the Lower School principal position.  Our second candidate will be on campus on Thursday, January 22 meeting with parents from 2:00 to 2:30 PM.

As we have been experiencing, the process to find the next principal is an important one and takes the whole community.  We are looking for a person who loves children, engages teachers in a professional learning community and partners with parents in the process.  It is a search that we are all taking very seriously and searching with our hearts and minds. 

Thank you all for your commitment and support to the process.

Our consultant, Mathew Heersche of Educational Directions continues to contact and vet candidates for this search.  He has advertised throughout national associations and placement firms.  Thus far he has sent us six candidates.  Dr. Heersche has shared with me that now is the time that school leaders look and apply for jobs for July.  We expect he might have more candidates to send our way throughout January and February.

In addition to working with Educational Directions, we have continued to advertise the position on our own website and have received applications from local educators.  In total we have received more than 30 applications from our own advertising.  The search committee meets with and researches the candidates as they apply.  Search committee chair Jane Hoogerwerf and members Martha Ashley, Kelly Mansfield, Mark Garcia and Deb Kasberg meet and share information throughout the school day. 

Many of you have inquired about deadlines for applicants and hiring.  None of us on the committee wants to think about hiring someone because we are meeting a deadline.  We want to focus on finding the right person and then declaring the search concluded.

After our candidate visit on Thursday, January 22, we will have a bit of lull for campus visits.  During that lull, the committee will be Skyping and emailing with candidates in order to prepare them to come visit campus and meet our community.

Stay tuned.  We have a busy couple of months ahead of us.  Thank you for your support and commitment to SMA.


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