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02.25.15 - Making a Decision (To Snow Day or Not To Snow Day)

So, it turns out that February will most likely be one of, if not the, snowiest February on record.  And, as I write this I am watching the snow fall on our third graders who are walking to Bishop Evans for PE class.

And, without missing a beat, as I walk into the Middle School, students are already questioning their teachers and Mrs. Siennicki, “Will we have a snow day tomorrow?”

St. Mary’s Academy makes its own decisions regarding snow days and delays.  We do not follow any school system for this decision.  And, given that our families come to us from more than 70 zip codes and our teachers equally as spread out geographically throughout the Denver metropolitan area, we try to make a decision that respects everyone involved.    

The decision also lies with our families.  If roads near your house are impassable or too dangerous, please decide not to drive and to stay home.  On snowy days, teachers do not count tardies, do not deduct points if a student is absent; in short, a decision not to drive in the snow due to possible hazard comes without academic penalties. 

When SMA changes school arrival time or cancels classes, we communicate the decision in a number of ways.  The primary source is our Infinite Campus notification system.  You can receive this announcement via text, email or phone.  (Or all of the above!)  If you need to update any contact information please be sure to check in with your school’s office. 

We will also place an alert on our website, and will change the answering machine message.  Finally, we will try to get our message to the radio and news stations.

It is our every intention to be open for school.  It is within our history that St. Mary’s Academy has not had a practice of closing for weather.  Alumnae and alumni can tell numerous stories of coming to school in the snow!

So Happy Snowy February... here’s to upcoming winter weather: may it be beautiful whether snowy or sunny. 

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