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10.08.14 - Favorite Moments from the Sesquicentennial

Last week was a whirlwind of wonderful activities for St. Mary’s Academy’s Sesquicentennial.  As I look back on the week, it is hard for me to pick what was my favorite moment.  

For instance shall I pick:

Going on the History Colorado tour conducted by Regina Drey SL attended by 50 alumnae and witnessing the women walk into the former St. Mary’s Academy building on Pennsylvania Street.  As they meandered through the halls of the building they shared stories of classes, of games played, of pranks pulled.  And, a few wept openly as they thought of friends now gone.

Or shall I pick:

Riding along in the tour bus and catching sight of our fifth graders standing on the driveway, ready to greet and welcome the touring alumnae?  Wearing their 150 shirts, shaking hands with each visitor and clearly introducing themselves to each woman, well, it was hard not be full of pride.

Or shall I pick:

SAIMARAC singing a Beatles medley on Friday night at the Blue and White Reception while the 100 alumnae tapped their toes, bobbed their heads and smiled as they sang along. 

Or shall I pick:

The laughter, decibel of sound and happiness at the Golden Graduates luncheon – the largest luncheon we have ever hosted!  Thank you to our sponsors LaFawn Biddle and Barbara Biddle Galoob '78.

Or shall I pick:

Walking into the Sanders House and witnessing one of our alumnae recognize herself on our mural in a picture from years gone by.

Or shall I pick:

The roar of laughter in the Hyatt ballroom as the “Historic Committee” pulled out “the first phone: from the time capsule, answered it when it began ringing and told the caller “No, it’s not a snow day.”

Or shall I pick:

Witnessing the absolute joy on the faces of our students at Fall Festival as they ran from game to game during Fall Festival on a beautiful October Sunday. 

It’s hard to choose one favorite moment.  In fact it’s impossible.  So I don’t think I shall.  Instead, I think I shall place all of these wonderful memories into my 150 scrapbook to remember them forever. 

Visit SMA in Pictures to see images from the weekend events.

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