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08.27.14 - Welcome Back For A New Year

The summer at St. Mary’s Academy has been busy! Between summer camps, construction, 150 preparations and regular summer activities, we have had a great time here. But, as always, it is a better campus when the students are here. 

As I look at my calendar and realize that Labor Day is a few short days away (yikes!)... I am spending time looking ahead and what will be coming along this school year. Truly for me this year will include a little bit of celebrating what has been, what is and what will be!

This year I am excited that I will be back in the classroom for first trimester. I will be teaching Creative Writing in the Middle School. As an old teacher, I relish the moments I get to spend planning class, teaching students, listening to students, learning from students. The moments in the classroom are magical. 

I am grateful that I can be a Head of School who teaches. Managing a classroom, delivering a lesson plan and sharing time with students allow me to remember what it is our teachers do all day every day here at St. Mary’s Academy—and why I went into education.

Also this year we will be focused on our 150, of course. I am so looking forward to our All Academy Play Day on September 10. The senior leaders have been helping me to plan a day that will feature all of our students in cross divisional groups as they celebrate and launch the year with a day of community. At the end of the day we will take an All Academy photo – students and teachers and staff. Now THAT will be a great memento of the year!

That evening, September 10, parents are invited for a wine and cheese reception in the Quad, starting at 5:30. I hope you can join us and raise a glass in honor of this fabulous year and excellent school.

Of course, on October 4, I look forward to celebrating at the Hyatt Regency with our celebration dinner. Alumnae, alumni, parents and friends have been purchasing tickets. It is sure to be a great night.

Finally, the third thing I look forward to is constructing the building and the turf field. Having a construction site on campus is a challenge, but I think having the new building and the new field is going to be beyond exciting! Talk about launching ourselves into the 151st  year and beyond.

So, off to the year we go! I look forward to celebrating yesterday, today and tomorrow with you throughout this year.  Happy 150th!  Happy New School Year!  Happy SMA!

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