Each day students in the Middle School and High School athletic program develop leadership, self-awareness, personal growth, and positive sporting behaviors through competition.  Like all activities of school life, the athletic program is founded on the Loretto School Values of faith, community, justice, and respect. Ninety percent of Middle School students and close to 80% of High School students play on athletic teams.

Athletic opportunities for High School students are:
Fall: cross-country, field hockey, softball, volleyball
Winter: basketball, dance,
swim and dive
Spring: golf, lacrosse, soccer, tennis

Athletic opportunities for Middle School students:
Fall: golf, cross-country, field hockey, boys’ soccer, tennis, volleyball
Winter: boy’s basketball, girls’ basketball and dance
Spring: baseball, boys’ lacrosse, girls’ lacrosse, girls’ soccer

SMA is a member in good standing of the Metropolitan League and CHSAA (Colorado High School Activities Association). Middle School athletics are governed by the ACIS Statement of Philosophy, emphasizing fair play, equal playing time and positive behaviors.

Schedules, updates, events, forms, etc. are on the Athletics Website listed below.

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SMA’s program does more than teach cooperation and competition.  It is a way to challenge yourself everyday to try something new and to grow.  The program gives girls opportunities to try new sports and find new passions.  I started field hockey in ninth grade having never played before, and in four short years, with the help of many amazing coaches, I learned the sport and helped contribute to a state championship for our school.  The highlights from my years at SMA will always include friendships I made on sports teams.  The athletic program at SMA shaped and helped me through my high school years and I had the time of my life. 

Alumna '09

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