Technology plays a vital role in a St. Mary’s Academy education, for boys and girls in kindergarten through our all girls high school.  Technology supports the dynamic curriculum that is a hallmark of education at St. Mary’s Academy.  

Every student in our K-12 school enjoys the benefits of advanced technology:

  • Enterprise-class wireless network coverage in every building on campus
  • Mobile computer carts in every division
  • Web-based library systems
  • Web-based student information system, allowing parents and students to follow classroom progress in real-time
  • Interactive Whiteboards in all classrooms 
  • Student computer labs in every division
  • Fiber optic network backbone
  • Mathematica, state-of-the-art math software available to students and faculty

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What is the sum of 8 and 6?

As a student at St. Mary's Academy, I have found it to be a place that truly values individuality. 

High School Senior

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