Celebrating our Semifinalists

Gales of sweeping snow, sleet and freezing rain whipped across the turf field illuminated by the unnatural glow of the floodlights.  No, not the beginning of a mystery, these were the not-so-welcoming conditions of Wednesday night's CHSAA Semifinal Field Hockey match between the St. Mary's Academy Wildcats and the Palmer Ridge Lions.  Though the temperature had plummeted below 30 before all was said and done the SMA Wildcats demonstrated grit, passion and strength.   And our fans matched the will of the athletes and showed an equal amount of spirit.   

President Deirdre Cryor stated it best, “I am not a sports aficionado, so I can't give you a rundown of strategy or techniques, but I can tell you what I saw:  A team working hard, coached by an alumna who loves SMA and the stands filled, to the bitter end, with school mates cheering "We Love SMA" and "We're Marching…" And lots of parents and teachers bundled up cheering on their school.   It was pretty great to be connected to this community last night.  It made a bitterly cold night feel a bit warm!!”

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